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"WOW! Is Coastal Travel Great or What. I just now booked our hotel stay in Kona Hawaii, with my hotel access book and just because we are Coastal Travel members, not only did we save over $1000.00 for the week, but, because we are members we get a free room up-grade and the 5th night is free, free breakfasts and savings on the rental car. The list goes on. Thanks Coastal!"
- Cindy
"I saved $72 on ONE round of golf using our Coastal Package! Thanks Coastal!"
- Shawn, CA
"On a trip to LA in March, we were quoted $250 a night, with our Coastal package, we only had to pay $57 per night! Thanks Coastal!"
- Lyonel, AZ
"We stayed at the 5 star Crown Plaza in Chicago for 3 nights at discounted rate of $79, which saved us $900 total on that trip. Thanks so much we love this program."
- Shari, Nicole, Jessica and Jacklyn
"My husband Bill and I saved $277 last November on a last minute 5 day Royal Caribbean Cruise to Baja, using our Cruise Card in our package. We also just returned from spending 3 days in Baja in Rosarito Beach for our Anniversary at a 4-Star Resort called Las Rocas. We have stayed there before and paid full price, but because of our package benefits from Coastal, we received a 50% discount on a beautiful room with a gorgeous ocean view and balcony."
- Bill and Lana, CA
"I went on looking for a vacation to Montana that a friend was wanting to do to show her an example of our savings. I found a 4 star resort, airfare, and car rental for $3800.00, Travelocity's price for the same vacation (same resort, same flights, and same care rental) was $6900.
Wow! what a savings!"

- Amy, MO
"I was able to stay in a hotel in Dallas and saved over $200 per night using my Coastal Package! Thanks Coastal!"
- Renae, MN
"This Travel package is just amazing! We purchased our Platinum package and booked a 9 day vacation to Tahiti. We are saving over $10,000 on this one vacation. That nearly paid for our Platinum package! We look forward to saving money on travel for the rest of our lives."
- Jackie and Carmen, MI
"This package blows my mind!! My friends and I stayed in a 1.9 million dollar home in Florida using our travel package and saved over $3,000 on the price of a one week stay!"
- Amanda, MO
"I sent a good friend of mine on The Florida Getaway, 2 Nights in Daytona Beach/2 Nights in Orlando. He absolutely LOVED it and said he only paid taxes and processing fees which was $28 dollars per night!! Wow! "
- Mike, MO
"I have saved almost as much money as what the level 1 package costs, using just the dinning and golf discount cards. Thanks Coastal."
- Eric, FL
"My family and I used our Coastal package and saved 50% off on a lodge near Big Sur, CA."
- Paul and Andrea, CA

"I was able to surprise my wife for her birthday with an all inclusive vacation to the Bahamas. We spent a full week in a Whyndham resort on Grand Bahama Island the week before Christmas and and saved $800. This travel package is amazing! "
- Gregg, CO

"View from balcony at the Hyatt Regency in Las Vegas Nevada where we stayed for only $149 per night in a luxury suite that was normally $399 per night. We saved $500 that weekend staying in complete luxury."
- Rick, CO
"Our team stayed in a Luxury HOME in Florida for a whole week. 5 bed, 5 bath, private pool & Jacuzzi, game room, Full kitchen, living room & formal dining room fit for royalty. It only costs each of us $198 for the whole week, including 2 rentals cars."
- Tracy from Andover
"Will and I Love to use our 'bonus' vacations in our package! "
- Will & Julie

As a Coastal Member Will and Julie enjoyed a 5-day and 4-night stay in Orlando and 1 free ticket to Disney's Animal Kingdom for a Grand total of $35.74! (No, that's not a typo.) And a 2-night stay at the Palm Plaza Oceanfront Resort in Daytona Beach Florida for $22.78! Normally $378 plus taxes for two nights.
"We just wanted to Thank You so much for all of your help with Coastal and our honeymoon plans! The Vacation was fantastic ; we really didn't want to come home. We loved the Orange Lake Resort and recommend that to any of your future vacationers. When we compared our prices to other vacationers at Orange Lake we were even happier! There is no doubt it was the greatest vacation I've ever been on and we look forward to doing it again. Thanks So Much!!! "
- Ric & his wife

As a Coastal Member Ric and his new wife stayed at the Orange Lake Resort for one week in a two bedroom/two bath suite at a luxury resort for only $345 . Non Coastal Member price; $1,200! A savings of $855.00!
From a Window Replacement Company:

"I operate a window replacement company in Ohio, and have serious competition in the window industry. Realizing how I could become different then my competition, I purchased the package the same day, and now use this to give away vacations to all of my clients purchasing windows. This is a sure way for leverage over my competition!"
- Dave
From a Restaurant Franchise:

"We have over 10 franchise restaurants, we heard about the Coastal Travel Incentives Package being used for promotions and incentives through one of our franchise owners. He showed us how we could use the package to promote all of our restaurants. We realized quickly that we would be able to use this package over and over again with only a one-time investment. It made such sense in helping out all of our franchises. Each franchise now calls us and orders as many vacations as they want to use for any of their promotions. Thanks."
- Dennis
From a Client's Fund Raiser and personal trip to Las Vegas:

"I would first like to thank you for the lovely presentation you made at our lodge meeting. The Program was a big HIT! Not only with our Members but for Fund Raising as well, we not only covered our cost but we also made over three thousand dollars! The great thing about it was that after we sold those tickets and gave away the prizes we had over 27 vacations left. On a personal note I have to tell you, some friends and I decided on short notice we were going to Vegas this summer. We booked our flights online thinking we would get a good deal and then called for rooms.

Well here we were with non-refundable plane tickets with no hotel rooms! As we called around to find a place to stay, there were no rooms available. The Casinos that did have rooms were way out of our price range. I then remembered our Coastal Travel Incentives Package! I called the first Hotel Book that had Las Vegas in it and the helpful man on the other side had over one hundred rooms at my disposal right on the strip for a third of the cost! We ended up having a great time all thanks to the Coastal Travel Incentives Package. Again thank you so much for this opportunity to learn about the program and I wish you and all your lucky customers the best!"

- Michelle (President of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge # ***, Sheriff Dept)
From a happy End Users personal trip to Las Vegas:

"Last week my husband and I took an unforgettable vacation to Las Vegas using your Gift Vacation. It was the trip of a life time. We did not win money at the casinos but we won something better. The savings on the outstanding hotel room, fantastic shows, and delicious meals made us WINNERS. Thanks to you, we now have gotten the "Traveling Bug" and want to experience more journeys into fun and happiness."
- Stephen & Courtney
From a Boys and Girls Club Raffle:

"I gave away a Disneyland Vacation, Anaheim, CA . for our Boys and Girls Club at Church to use in a raffle. We try to support the kids as much as possible, and I thought maybe this would help them out, as last year they only made a couple hundred dollars. They advertised ahead of time, that the vacation would be raffled, to see if it would generate more interest. Four times the number of people came to the function! There was so much excitement throughout the raffle and when they held up the framed certificate, every child ran to find their parents and/or grandparents to bid. One of the club directors started the bidding, then one after another when a grandmother upped the bid to $500! She was going to give it to her family because they had never been to a Disney facility. When all was said and done one of the parents had bid $675 and when they said "SOLD" he jumped out of his seat and yelled, "I'm going to Disneyland!" with his 3 children jumping all over him. It was wild!!! I am so Jazzed!"
- Kathy
From a Scuba Diving & Ski Shop:

" I immediately saw the value of this package with my advertising. I started using the package to use free vacations to bring clients in for Scuba instructions and certifications. Thanks."
- Brian

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